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Update to the DRY CREEK WATERSHED Flood Control Plan DRFP# 07-01

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The Update to the 1992 Dry Creek Watershed Flood Control Plan (District RFP No. 07-01) is currently being prepared by the Civil Engineering Solutions, Inc. Team and information regarding the plan will be posted here as directed by the district.

The Dry Creek Flood Control Plan, originally prepared in 1992, provided the District and local governments with guidance on flood-related impacts and an approach to meeting existing and future flood control needs within the Dry Creek watershed, located in the western portion of Placer County.  The plan recommended structural and non-structural measures to correct existing deficiencies and mitigate for impacts of future development within the watershed.  Some of the recommendations have been implemented, while many have not, due to environmental and/or economic constraints.


The Final Draft of the update plan at this link.

The Final Draft will be reviewed at an upcoming meeting of the Districtís Board.† Comments to the updated plan may be submitted via e-mail to or by mail at:  Placer County Flood Control & Water Conservation District, 3091 County Center Drive, Suite 220, Auburn, CA 95603, attention Andrew Darrow.  

Plan Update Purpose:

The primary purpose of the 2010 Update to the Dry Creek Flood Control Plan is to update the hydrologic analysis of the watershed, provide recommendations for feasible means to reduce future flood damages, identify means to mitigate development impacts on flooding, and recommend an updated funding plan.

Over the next 7 days the District is seeking input from its partner agencies and comment on the Draft Final 2010 Updated Dry Creek Watershed Flood Control Plan which may be downloaded and viewed at the above hyperlink: 

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